Germany 0-2 Italy (AET) | 2006 World Cup | Match Highlights

Fabio Grosso and Alessandro Del Piero scored deep in extra time as Italy beat hosts Germany to advance to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final.

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37 comentarios en «Germany 0-2 Italy (AET) | 2006 World Cup | Match Highlights»
  1. I knew that I had missed a spectacular game when I kept hearing the women say that it was an amazing game. I’ll need to watch the entire game one day. But, I have seen the highlights…and those goals were divinely-touched. What exquisite assists and goals!

  2. 1:55 Del Piero jadi bek sayap😭😭😭😭 … Overlap jauhhhhhhhhhh sampai ke kotak penalti Jerman ,, dia paham apa yang akan di lakukan Gilardino.

    Main bola gak sembarangan.

    Odonkor cuma anteng doang gak ikut membayangi pergerakan Del Piero … Pemain Jerman sudah kelelahan fisik dan mental setelah gol Fabio Grosso

  3. It still stings to this day. Our side did all they could and as you see in the highlights, we were close, they were close, and finally the goal happens. Great display of football mastery and determination on both sides. Someone had to lose. The quality from Italy and Germany was unbelievable.

  4. Es increíble como está Alemania nos eliminó en el 2006, Argentina era un equipo casi perfecto, pero bue, así es el futbol.

    Si sos de algún país latinoamericano y querés tirar mierd4 a Argentina, ni te gastes porque no voy a leer tu comentario.

  5. Godbless italy & somaliland when ever life throws back at our people our nations always ensure we are the best inhistory, when life gets hard always team somalia & Italy, we are simple the best in food cooking in football. Godbless you all & your loved ones. Team italy will win again & somalia also taiwan & Somaliland much respect you both.

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