8 Football Legends Uncover Their Origins with MyHeritage DNA

8 legendary football players reunite on the pitch to discuss national rivalries, reminisce and laugh together — and see their ethnicity breakdowns revealed through the MyHeritage DNA test. See more at

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  1. Nonsense . It’s what you are now and where you were brought up that matters . Not what happened 60-150 years ago between long distant family members that you never met and may not even really know

    It just highlights the nonsense that these people (and others) didn’t really know their backgrounds . Rather odd

    Concepts of “States” is only a recent thing. A lot of myth goes into the history of a “nation” too . Ireland is a prime example of the later

    If people need a dna test , rather than records or stories from their own extended family to let them know who they are , well….. it doesn’t say much

  2. The real question here is: How big is the statistical sample and how far does it date back. English means little, as the "narrow land" was unvaded in the 2nd and 3rd century by Angles, Daxons and Jutes from what is now Germany. What followed was the mix of germanic and celtic DNA, to which was then added Scandinavian Viking DNA during the centuries of Norseman raids. So, what is English DNA?
    S wonderful attempt of creating the notion that natiinal states have lost their meaning, but what the real underlying truth is, is best stated by Hernan Crespo – the soul feeling of being one of the "peeps by culture"…

  3. Daniel Passarella, Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, Michel Platini, Hernan Crespo, Martin Palermo, Nicolas Tagliafico, Victor Gargano, Franco Armani, Diego Simeone, Lionel Scaloni, Javier Mascherano, Javier Zanetti, Diego Lugano,

  4. Clarence is such a classy dude. Love that guy. Even if he played for Milan and Inter. Same with Crespo. My favorite non Juve striker.

    Also, no Italian is 100%. None. The country was invaded so many times over the centuries. Especially in the South. The north is more Germanic, the south more Greek/Arab/Persian mixed with Italian.

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