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  1. Worst case scenario for England is if they top their group and end up playing whoever comes 2nd in the group of France, Portugal, or Germany so England are basically out of the Euros by the start of the knockout stages round of 16 exit. Those 3 alone will put England to the sword

  2. Im French and I really think England can go far. They can defo beat Portugal and France , especially since they play everything at home and there will be a small crowd allowed. France may be the best team on paper and plays well in general but winning but can hardly see them winning this time : High pressure maybe the confy feeling of being world champion . I bet France loses in Quarter or semis

  3. so basically you're picking favorites to win all their games, very unrealistic. there's always surprises, luck will have a huge impact, and as always teamwork will be crucial. spain, italy, germany, england france, portugal, belgium, has amazing players from all the big european clubs, but they surely won't all just win everything. at least to of them will dissapoint. France and Germany have been shaky, you forgot both these teams have lost or played draws against teams like latvia and turkey! England couldn't beat Dennmark either.

    in the end, what I think is, that Italy will win, England, France and Germany will dissapoint, at least two of those teams won't be at the semi finals.

    Ukraine, Denmark or Turkey will surprise and be present at the semi finals

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