Portugal U21 vs Italy U21 5-3 Highlights & All Goals – Euro U21 (1/6/2021)

Portugal U21 vs Italy U21 Highlights
Italy U21 vs Portugal U21 Goals
Portugal vs Italy – Euro U21
#Portugal U21 #ItalyU21 #Highlights
Portugal U21 vs Italy U21 5-3 Highlights & All Goals – Euro U21 (1/6/2021)
Dany Mota 2 Goals vs Italy U21

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  1. BREAKING NEWS: PSG won't sell Mbappe to Madrid, they refuse to sell him, also Mbappe wanted to be with Zidane and Zidane may come to coach PSG this summer. CR7 at PSG is highly probable as a loan instead of a sale as the future Juve coach does not want to include CR7 in his plan, however, sending CR7 to PSG will allow them to save on his salary for a year . Icardi at Juve will be hard as Inter Milan included a close in the contract that if PSG sell Icardi to Juve they will have to pay a 15 million fine to Inter Milan. Unless Juve make a deal to cover PSG loss. Anyway, due to covid last year there is no financial fairplay this summer so one year away from the World Cup, Doha will spend a colossal 400 millions recruitment this summer for PSG.

  2. 10 million against 80 million and an English commentator that was cheering for Italy. How pathetic! Viva Portugal. We never get any respect but we always get the results. To all the haters, you can all go to hell!

  3. Yes,the Portuguese youth again beating Italians as they crashed them 2 years ago, (euro-18 final stage). Looks the 2 commentators are clearly pro Italians. Anyway Portuguese team just outstanding….

  4. Amazing game. Congrats to Italy as well. One player put his hand on another player's face and acts as if he did nothing. Another steps on another player's foot and acts shocked that the guy is hurt…

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